Workshops at SauceCon Online 2022

Join the Sauce Labs experts for a hands-on workshop on May 3. These fully remote, interactive sessions will equip attendees with new skills to take their testing to the next level.

Purchase a workshop ticket to get access to in-depth training – plus help us donate to a good cause! SauceCon workshops are part of the Sauce Labs Testing for Good series. Net proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to support organizations selected by our workshop instructors.

Mobile App Testing

4 hours | Intermediate

Level up your mobile app testing in this 3-part workshop. Learn how to automate hybrid applications with Appium, how to optimize mobile app distribution and beta testing, and get started with mobile error and crash reporting.
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API Testing & Monitoring

3.5 hours | Intermediate

In this 2-part workshop, learn how to shorten test cycles with data-driven API test automation, supplement or replace UI testing with API test automation, and transform test cases with API testing.
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Run Your Tests Anywhere

4 hours | Beginner

This workshop will show you great foundations and concepts to run tests in Docker, which you will learn through practical exercises. We will go in detail through the process of putting a test suite in Docker, and cover common pitfalls and best practices to build good Docker images and run stable Docker containers in different environments.
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Accelerate Your Agile Journey with Low-code Test Automation

3 hours | Beginner

Low code test automation makes it possible for anyone (business users, product owners, manual testers, etc.) to learn how to create and execute automated tests with no programming knowledge. In this workshop, users will get access to the AutonomIQ Sauce Labs Low Code Solution and learn all the steps needed to create end-to-end tests.
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Comprehensive Testing with JavaScript

4 hours | Intermediate

In this workshop you will learn the latest and greatest tools and techniques to improve your ability to test modern web applications.
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Crafting a Test Framework

4 hours | Advanced

In this workshop, learn how to leverage your framework to minimize flakiness and make it easier to update test code only when needed. We’ll walk through testing a sample real-world application focusing on how each of the components work together.
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