SauceCon Online Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors, we have some great swag and prizes to give away to SauceCon Online attendees! Simply attend the sponsor’s session on May 12 or May 14 in order to enter each giveaway.

Winners will be notified via email by May 19. Prizes will be emailed or mailed to winners.

May 12, 1:20PM PDT  |  May 14, 4:25PM BST

Multi-Layered Test Automation Approach: What, Why and How?

Srinivasan Sankar, Practice Manager – Digital Assurance, Aspire Systems

May 12, 1:55PM PDT  |  May 14, 1:55PM BST

Choosing The Right Deployment Strategy

Viktor Farcic, Principal Software Delivery Strategist and Developer Advocate, CloudBees

GIVEAWAY: The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim (signed copy)

May 12, 12:00PM PDT  |  May 14, 2:30PM BST

Automation and Accessibility: Debunking the Myths

Dylan Barrell, Chief Product Officer, Deque

GIVEAWAY: Anki Vector Robot

May 12, 11:25AM PDT  |  May 14, 3:50PM BST

Greg Wittenbrook, Vice President Transformation Services, Mphasis

May 12, 10:50AM PDT  |  May 14, 1:20PM BST

A Practical Example for Using AI to Improve your UI and API Testing

Chris Colosimo, Product Manager, Parasoft

GIVEAWAY: $100 Amazon Gift Card

May 12, 2:40PM PDT  |  May 14, 5:10PM BST

Burstable Testing: How New Manual Testing Methods Compliment Automation Best Practices

John Ruberto, Senior QA Project Manager, Testlio

GIVEAWAY: $50 Amazon gift card, 20 oz YETI RAMBLER Tumbler, Testlio Hoodie
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SauceCon Online Sponsors