Some of the best brands around the world are using automated testing to deliver "no fail" web and mobile applications faster than ever before. Come and learn their secrets at SauceCon 2017, the first-ever Sauce Labs user conference. A three-day event filled with training, workshops, best practices, and visionary content from the leading minds in automated testing.


Adam Carmi - SauceCon Speaker

Adam Carmi

CTO Applitools


Advanced Test Automation Techniques For Responsive Apps And Sites

Talk Description Responsive web design has become the preferred approach for building sites and apps that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience on any phone, tablet, desktop or wearable device. However, automatically testing these responsive sites and apps can be quite a challenge, due to the need to cover all supported layouts, their respective navigation, and visible content. In this session. Adam will implement a complete Selenium-based automated test for a popular responsive website from scratch. He will show attendees how to effectively design responsive page objects, implement generic tests that work for all app layouts, control the browser's viewport size in order to accurately target layout transition points, incorporate layout-specific assertions in tests, and visually validate the correctness of the app's layout​. He will also share tips and best practices for test planning and execution. Bio Adam is the Co-founder and CTO of Applitools - a cloud service provider for automated visual testing. Prior to Applitools he held management, research and development positions at Safend, IBM and Intel. He regularly talks about software testing at conferences around the world, and organizes the Israeli Selenium Meetup group.

Dan Cuellar - SauceCon Speaker

Dan Cuellar

Principal Development Manager FOODit


Making Your Mobile Apps Automatable

Talk Description When writing test automation, one of the most important factors for determining the amount of time and resources it will consume (and ultimately the success or failure of the endeavor) is the testability of the application. This talk will cover strategies for maximizing the automatability of the application by writing highly automobile user interfaces for mobile and web, writing a test plan designed for parallelization and concurrency, and by choosing the best techniques to reliably and quickly set up test scenarios. Bio Dan Cuellar is the creator of the open source mobile automation framework Appium, and Principal Development Manager at FOODit in London. Previously, he headed the test organization at Shazam in London and Zoosk in San Francisco, and worked as a software engineer on Microsoft Outlook for Mac and other products in the Microsoft Office suite. He is an advocate of open source technologies and technical software testing. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Music Technology, from the world-renowned School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Jim Evans - SauceCon Speaker

Jim Evans

Lead Member of Technical Staff Salesforce


What’s Next For Selenium?

Talk Description Ever since its very first release in 2004, Selenium has been a driving force in democratizing automation of web automation, and is one of the founding technologies of SauceLabs. Jim Evans has been a core contributor to the Selenium project since 2010, and has been actively involved in the planning and execution of the project's vision. With the inclusion of standards bodies like the W3C and companies building huge businesses based on Selenium, the future of the project is bright indeed. Join Jim as he takes a brief look at where Selenium has been, and a longer look at where it's going over the next few years. Bio Since receiving his degree from Georgia Tech in 1991, Jim Evans has been in the computer software industry for more than 25 years. During that time, he has worked for some of the largest companies in the industry, including Microsoft, Intuit, and currently, Salesforce. He has been contributing to open source software projects large and small since 2008, and has been a principal contributor to the Selenium project since 2010, contributing the .NET language bindings and the driver for Internet Explorer. In addition to his contributions to the project, he is a much sought-after speaker and educator in the areas of automated software testing. An accomplished singer and songwriter with multiple albums to his credit, he lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife of 12 years and their two teenage sons.

Jason Hand - SauceCon Speaker

Jason Hand

DevOps Evangelist VictorOps

Cognitive Bias and Its Impact on Continuous Improvement

Talk Description

There are distinctive patterns in the errors that all of us make. Systematic mistakes known as biases, along with impressions and thoughts, form within our conscious experience. This occurs naturally without us knowing they are even there or how they came about. The mental work that produces these impressions, intuitions, and decisions takes place silently within our mind. However, mistakes recur predictably under particular circumstances.

Those circumstances are what we’ll focus on in this talk. Heuristics, (or mental shortcuts), are an intuitive judgements based on experiences and impressions from our past. By understanding our own cognitive fallacies and limitations, we can better understand methods of incremental yet continuous improvement.

Our minds are easily susceptible to bias, and considerations of efficiency over thoroughness can amplify these errors even more. The goal of this talk is to improve the ability to identify and understand errors in judgement and choice. Through a deeper understanding of heuristics and of the biases to which they lead, improvements in judgement and decision-making under situations of uncertainty, such as a system-wide outage should be gained.

Audience takeaways will include an in-depth understanding of the most common biases humans in our industry are faced with and what to pay attention to on our DevOps journey towards continuous improvement of the services we build, operate, and support.


As the DevOps Evangelist for VictorOps, Jason has spent the last 3 years presenting and writing and building content on a number of DevOps topics such as Post-mortems, ChatOps, Monitoring & Alerting, Cognitive Bias, and the value of context within incident management. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and events around the country, Jason enjoys talking to audiences large and small on a variety of technical and non-technical subjects.

"DevOps Evangelist of the Year” (2016) by DevOps.com. Author of O’Reilly’s “ChatOps: Managing Operations from Group Chat” as well as “ChatOps For Dummies”. Organizer of DevOpsDays Rockies in Denver, Colorado. Co-host of “Community Pulse” a podcast on building Community within tech teams and organizations. Co-organizer of Denver DevOps Meetup a group of 700+ DevOps practitioners and experts in the Denver and Boulder area.

David Cadwallader - SauceCon Speaker

David Cadwallader

Site Reliability Architect DNAnexus


Sauce Connect on Steroids: How to build a high-performance tunnel cluster (and keep InfoSec happy!)

Talk Description Sauce Connect is beloved for its ability to create a magical wormhole between internal systems under test and the Sauce Labs cloud. But oftentimes InfoSec departments are wary of opening up the whole internal network to a 3rd party via the Internet. In this talk, Dave will discuss how to:

  • Create a highly-available, high-performance tunnel cluster to improve test reliability and speed
  • Measure and identify potential bottlenecks during high usage
  • Implement the "DMZ" network pattern to keep InfoSec happy and your corporate network secure
  • Leverage an open source tool that does all the heavy lifting for you!

Bio Dave is a Site Reliability Architect at DNAnexus, and a co-creator of testarmada.io, the open source fleet of tools for reliable, large-scale test automation. Dave lives in Colorado with his wife and two curious kids, but always looks forward to coming back to the Bay Area for the ocean breezes and the ITS-ITS.

Kwo Ding - SauceCon Speaker

Kwo Ding

QA/Test Automation Strategist Ding IT


Mobile Test Pyramid of Integration Testing

Talk Description “Just run all integration tests on real devices, that way we are sure that it works!” This is a much-heard comment when talking about automating mobile tests. The amount of test brittleness that comes with this approach is high, but most importantly, what do these tests really prove? The execution time on real devices will also never be near local emulators or browser emulation. How does an organization effectively decide when to use browser emulation (in case of hybrid apps), mobile simulators/emulators and real devices? In this talk, Kwo will review his mobile test pyramid approach and discuss best practices about when to use what. He will also talk about how to best structure and execute these tests. Bio Kwo Ding is a hands-on test automation architect/consultant with 10 years of experience in software testing. His focus is implementing test automation (strategies) and designing the test infrastructure at organizations. He is specialized in web, mobile and API test automation.

Todd Eaton - SauceCon Speaker

Todd Eaton

QA Manager - Consumer Web The Weather Company

Verifying Your Weather With Sauce Labs Co-presented with Ryan Levell Talk Description The Weather Company provides millions of users the most accurate weather forecasts and data through weather.com and wunderground.com. See how they use Sauce Labs integrated with their test management system to run thousands of tests for each release and report their results for the department to see. Bio Todd Eaton is the QA Manager for The Weather Company Consumer Products division. He has over 25 years of IT experience in media, healthcare, financial and transportation businesses. He has been with The Weather Company for five years and manages testing for weather.com and wunderground.com.
John Fisher - SauceCon Speaker

John Fisher

Software Developer USAA

Switching an Enterprise to a Managed Cloud Selenium Grid. Yes, it was worth it. Co-presented with Bryan Osterkamp Talk Description USAA is a large enterprise organization working to steer numerous thousands of their developers, testers, and automators to perform more automated testing. Along the way, they’ve identified some practical tips and tricks to add value to the Continuous Integration pipelines of large organizations. Watch in awe as they discuss the steps and missteps taken as they’ve transitioned from disparate internal grids running rickety tests to a solid regression footing that can all happen in the cloud within minutes. Bio John Fisher is a veteran of the USAF that's currently serving USAA members as a Java developer and testing advocate that has strong roots in insurance and customer service. Lately, armed with a degree in Game Design with a focus on usability, he's been building Selenium frameworks and coaches others to produce reliable, reusable, and readable test code that performs well while being easy to create and maintain.
Titus Fortner - SauceCon Speaker

Titus Fortner

Solutions Architect Sauce Labs

Continuous Parallel Testing

Talk Description Transitioning from manual testing to automated testing opens up many opportunities to transform the way tests are done. However, to achieve true Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, simple automated testing is not enough. More than just testing at the speed of a machine instead of a human, Titus will explain how to structure tests to take advantage of the unique capabilities provided by automation by optimizing tests for parallelism. Parallel testing can not only decrease the amount of time a test suite takes to run, but also increase coverage, allowing teams to test continuously with more confidence. Titus will demonstrate the benefits of parallel testing. Using real world examples, he will show you how to get started with automation with parallel testing in mind. Starting from the transition to manual to atomic and autonomous tests, to different parallel strategies and transitive testing, this session will provide the tools and best practices to stop running tests sequentially and get test results faster with fewer errors while reducing maintenance time. Titus will cover topics including:

  • The shift from manual to automated testing
  • Creating atomic and autonomous tests
  • Idempotent tests
  • Parallel strategies (Fixtures vs setup/teardown, admin logins, leveraging the API and more!)
  • Real world example of a transitive testing approach

Bio Titus Fortner is a core contributor to Selenium project and the maintainer of the Ruby bindings. He spends a significant amount of time writing open source testing software built on top of Selenium. He is the project lead for Watir and WatirProject, and is active in supporting these projects on Stack Overflow, message boards and in the Selenium Slack & IRC. Titus has implemented automated tests at five different companies and currently works at Sauce Labs as a Solution Architect, working with the community to facilitate testing best practices.

St. John Johnson - SauceCon Speaker

St. John Johnson

Director of Engineering, Developer and Platform Services Yahoo!


Improving CD Confidence

Talk Description When Yahoo moved entirely to Continuous Delivery two years ago, they realized that often, pipelines would get stuck due to bugs found later in the process. This caused significant delays in shipping features and fixes. In order to combat this issue, the Yahoo team enabled users to fully test their applications earlier in the process by implementing functional testing in pull requests. While many systems will run unit or static analysis tests in pull requests, their open-source build system, screwdriver.cd, allows users to now check even before merging if their code changes would have caused deploy problems many steps down the line. In this talk, St. John will give an overview of screwdriver.cd and demonstrate how Sauce Labs enables his team to integrate functional testing in Pull Requests. Bio St. John has been at Yahoo for over six years, where he is currently the product owner and lead contributor for the central continuous delivery system, Screwdriver. He has been writing in Node.js for almost five years now and before that in PHP for nine years. In his spare time, he also hacks around home automation.

Angie Jones - SauceCon Speaker

Angie Jones

Senior Automation Engineer, Twitter



The Build That Cried Broken: Building Trust in Your Continuous Integration Tests

Talk Description There’s a famous Aesop Fable titled “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. As the story goes, a young shepherd-boy would declare that a wolf was coming in an effort to alarm the villagers who were concerned for their sheep. The boy got a reaction from the villagers the first three or four times he did this, but the villagers eventually became hip to his game and disregarded his future alarms. One day, a wolf really was coming and when the boy tried to alert the villagers, none of them paid him any attention. The sheep, of course, perished. For many teams, their continuous integration builds have become just like this young shepherd-boy. They are crying “Broken! Broken!” and in a state of panic, team members assess the build. Yet, time and time again, they find that the application is working but that the tests are faulty and giving false alarms. Eventually, no one pays attention to the alerts anymore and lose faith in what was supposed to be a very important indicator. In this talk, Angie will explain how to save the sheep…or in this case, the quality of the application. In this talk, she will provide you with three key takeaways:

  • How to build stability within continuous integration tests
  • Tips for managing tests that are failing with just cause
  • How to influence the perception of the credibility of the tests among stakeholders

Bio Angie Jones is a Consulting Automation Engineer at LexisNexis who advises several scrum teams on automation strategies and has developed automation frameworks for countless software products. As a Master Inventor, she is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than 20 patented inventions in the US and China. Angie is also an adjunct college professor who teaches Java programming and is a strong advocate for diversity in Technology. She volunteers with organizations who champion this cause such as TechGirlz and Black Girls Code.

Dana Kadhim - SauceCon Speaker

Dana Kadhim

Sr. Quality Manager Hyatt Corp

Monkey Business to Isolation Testing

Talk Description Hyatt Hotels is one of the world’s largest owner, operator and franchiser of hotels, resorts and vacation properties. However, like many large organizations, it struggled with quality processes at enterprise scale. Two years ago, Hyatt didn’t have any Quality Engineering teams, had no quality processes and generally did not understand what quality within a team meant. Fast forward to the end of 2016, and Hyatt development teams successfully surpassed their business goals for the year. How did such a large organization transform so quickly? Join Dana Kadhim Senior Quality Manager at Hyatt, as she describes her journey to help bring Hyatt into the new age of quality engineering. In this talk, Dana will discuss the challenges of testing in a chaotic development setup, and the efforts involved to get buy-in from stakeholders and management to shift thinking within development. She will also describe how Hyatt was able to go from zero process to full testing in isolation by enforcing best practices and processes team wide. Finally, Dana will explain what the testing processes at Hyatt look like today, and how Sauce Labs became the standard tool to allow her teams to achieve their development goals. Bio Dana graduated in 2003 from the University of Amman Jordan with a degree in nuclear physics. She started lecturing as junior professor in the college of science for one year while exploring the rapid growth of technology in the new millennium. Later that year, Dana moved to the United States and pursued her training in project management, automation tools as well as Agile coaching. Dana was one of the founding members of a small SAS company in Chicago that grew within three years to go from 3 employees to 200 with a very heavy client list. After 8 years in the startup community, the company got acquired by another competitor and Dana decided to join the upcoming startup within corporate community in Hyatt technology. Over the span of two years, Dana managed to do a massive shift in thinking in corporate America of what quality engineering really meant.With the support of higher management, Dana was successful to build a top notch quality engineering team as well as a talented team of SDTs to help set the new standards of quality Engineering, automation tools and frameworks. Currently, Dana is coaching and helping other teams in Hyatt to do the transition from waterfall to TDD workshops.

Leo Laskin - SauceCon Speaker

Leo Laskin

Automation Specialist Sauce Labs

The Sauce Labs RESTful API, Fulfilling All Your Test Reporting Dreams

Talk Description Sauce Labs provides a fully featured REST API allowing users to get and set many different things. In this talk, Leo will discuss the many available REST API calls, their uses and any limitations around them. He will also talk about recent API updates and future enhancements, and take questions to hear about features the community would like to see in the Sauce REST API. Bio As Sauce Labs’ Automation Specialist, Leo Laskin has over 10 years of experience in Quality Assurance. Starting with manual testing and moving into automation and leadership, he has seen many of the ups and down of testing. At Sauce Labs, Leo is responsible for providing in-depth technical advice to customers about how to be successful with their automation and CI/CD efforts. In prior roles, he held QA engineering and leadership positions to help automation efforts. He’s also a contributor and supporter of Selenium since 2010, the most popular QA automation tool in use today for testing of both web-based applications as well as mobile devices. He holds a BS in CS from the University of Massachusetts.

Ryan Levell - SauceCon Speaker

Ryan Levell

Automation Developer Xpanxion

Verifying Your Weather With Sauce Labs Co-presented with Todd Eaton Talk Description The Weather Company provides millions of users the most accurate weather forecasts and data through weather.com and wunderground.com. See how they use Sauce Labs integrated with their test management system to run thousands of tests for each release and report their results for the department to see. Bio Ryan Levell is an Automation Developer for Xpanxion currently working as the Automation Lead for The Weather Company. He previously developed mobile apps with a small company in Nebraska before making the move to Xpanxion, where he has been for the past four years. When not developing tests, Ryan enjoys tinkering with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and DIY projects around the house.
Meaghan Lewis - SauceCon Speaker

Meaghan Lewis

QA Engineer Lever


Keeping Your Tests Lean

Talk Description Automation provides an immense amount of value in preventing regressions and helping to deliver quality software. As an organization’s automation grows and grows, it requires continuous maintenance so that tests remain fast, reliable, and valuable. If not scaled efficiently, an organization’s automation suite will turn into a messy, uncontrollable beast. Having a lean test suite will help to combat this. In this session, Meaghan will present methods to keep automated test suites lean and mean, so they always provide quick and accurate feedback to the software delivery team. Using a few examples, she will discuss a wide range of ideas including evaluating a test's value, parallelizing tests, and producing consistent results. Session attendees will walk away with strategies and practices to scale their test automation over time in a highly efficient and maintainable way. Bio Meaghan Lewis is a passionate quality engineer who loves all things testing. She is skilled in automation for both web and mobile applications, and an advocate for embedding quality throughout software delivery practices. Meaghan, currently working at Lever in San Francisco, is testing software that’s revolutionizing the hiring process. She enjoys learning and sharing fresh concepts about agile testing, continuous delivery and microservices.

Jonathan Lipps - SauceCon Speaker

Jonathan Lipps

Director of Open Source Sauce Labs


The Philosophy and Future of Automation

Talk Description If one thing has been made absolutely clear in the software development methodology revolutions of the last decades, it's that automation is essential. Automated testing is the linchpin of continuous delivery. Simply put, automated testing means customers get new things less likely to disappoint them more often. However, automation is a deep and sometimes perplexing topic. On one hand, it is the long lever with which developers are moving the world (malleable automation is the fundamental achievement of the digital computer). On the other hand, automation threatens livelihoods all across the advanced industrial world. Individuals and governments protest the proliferation of robots that can do jobs formerly owned by human beings. This same tension exists with the continued debate over the place of manual testing. Automation may be the future, and it may be inevitable, but it shouldn't be unexamined. In this presentation, Jonathan will explore a brief history of automation in order to understand its pattern and trajectory. With that insight, attendees will be able to see more clearly what lies ahead, both in test automation specifically and in technology more broadly. Organizations must not engage in automation for its own sake, fun as though that might be. How does the industry engage with automation (in testing and otherwise) in a wise and humane way? The answers to these questions go much deeper than shipping apps incrementally faster. This presentation offers an opportunity to think critically about automation. Bio Jonathan Lipps has been making things out of code as long as he can remember. Jonathan is currently the director of ecosystem and integrations at Sauce Labs, where he leads a team of open source developers to improve the web and mobile testing ecosystem. Jonathan is the architect and project lead for Appium, the open source, cross-platform mobile automation framework. He has worked as a programmer in the startup world on and off for over a decade but is also passionate about academic discussion. Jonathan holds master’s degrees in philosophy and linguistics, from Stanford and Oxford respectively. A San Franciscan, Jonathan is an avid rock climber, yogi, musician, and writer on topics he considers vital, like the relationship of technology to what it means to be human.

Neil Manvar - SauceCon Speaker

Neil Manvar

Solutions Architect Sauce Labs

Building Your CD Pipeline with Testing in Mind

Talk Description Now more than ever, engineering teams of all sizes are under pressure to deliver quality code more frequently. With the DevOps ecosystem growing larger every day, it might seem overwhelming to fully understand how to create an end-to-end solution that allows developers to continually commit new code with confidence, without having to slow down due to rollbacks. Achieving this true Continuous Deployment pipeline is difficult, but not impossible. Join Neil Manvar, Solutions Architect from Sauce Labs, as he demonstrates a full CD pipeline containing a Pull Request build which will be used to test changes in isolation before code is merged into the master codebase. Using a JS based code tech stack, with AngularJS for the source code, Karma/Jasmine for unit tests and Protractor for functional (Selenium) tests, he will safely push quality code to production leveraging the following tools:

  • Jenkins for CI / orchestration
  • Github for Source Code Management
  • Docker for creating/deploying container running the application
  • Sauce Labs for running tests in various browser/OS combinations

By running through all of the various steps involved in deploying code changes safely and automatically to production, Neil will discuss the ways in which the PR Build creates a real time developer feedback and enforcement mechanism, thus eliminating bottlenecks. He will also discuss the implementation strategies, as well as challenges, along with results and culture changes that come with truly embracing DevOps methodologies. Bio Neil Manvar is a Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs. Prior, he served as a software engineer at Yahoo!, where he contributed to Yahoo! Mail features, as well as developing automated testing frameworks and infrastructure and a Continuous Delivery pipeline. As a Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, Neil helps customers of all sizes and industries with their test automation and CD journey.

Mike Millgate - SauceCon Speaker

Mike Millgate

Automation Architect Optum


Testing @ the Speed of Concurrency

Talk Description Learn the why, what and how of testing with concurrency. In this talk, Mike will take attendees on an automation journey of in-house machine testing into cloud-based testing. He will show what worked, what didn't and discuss things to improve as the machines are increasingly doing the work. Bio Mike is a sarcastic, driven perfectionist with a slight case of OCD. He is a self proclaimed Automation Architect / DevOps Extraordinaire, promoting the mantra "Quality is a TEAM effort." He tests. He automates. He trouble makes.

Bryan Osterkamp - SauceCon Speaker

Bryan Osterkamp

Lead Technical Architect USAA

Switching An Enterprise To A Managed Cloud Selenium Grid. Yes, It Was Worth It. Co-presented with John Fisher Talk Description USAA is a large enterprise organization working to steer numerous thousands of their developers, testers, and automators to perform more automated testing. Along the way, they’ve identified some practical tips and tricks to add value to the Continuous Integration pipelines of large organizations. Watch in awe as they discuss the steps and missteps taken as they’ve transitioned from disparate internal grids running rickety tests to a solid regression footing that can all happen in the cloud within minutes. Bio Bryan Osterkamp is a Lead Technical Architect at USAA. He owns the Testing domain at USAA, which means he has technical oversight and provides guidance for all things testing, including providing best in class tools (including Sauce Labs!) to the developers and testers at USAA. Bryan has had a passion for testing, even as a developer and Application Architect, providing technical leadership in multiple application areas at USAA for over 10 years.
Lubos Parobek - SauceCon Speaker

Lubos Parobek

VP Product Sauce Labs


The Future of Enterprise Automated Testing

Talk Description Sauce Labs is committed to delivering a world class automated testing platform for software development teams of all sizes. The company was the first to ever deliver a cloud-based Selenium grid and plans to continue to lead the market in innovation. In this keynote, Lubos Parobek, Vice President of Product at Sauce Labs, will dive into the 2017 Sauce Labs road map. Lubos will discuss plans to expand existing functionality, and give attendees a sneak peek of some of the new features users can expect to see in 2017 and beyond. Bio Lubos Parobek leads product management and user interaction at Sauce. His previous experience includes leadership positions at organizations including KACE, Sybase iAnywhere, AvantGo and 3Com. Parobek holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley

Asaf Saar - SauceCon Speaker

Asaf Saar

Director of Product Management Sauce Labs

test.allTheThings() - Mobile Edition

Talk Description Testing responsive web sites is a challenging task when it span across Desktop and Mobile browsers. In this session Neil and Asaf will present the strategy and framework around testing responsive web sites using industry standard automation tools like Selenium and Appium against cloud based desktop browsers, real mobile devices, emulators and simulators. Bio Asaf is Director of Product Management at Sauce Labs. Previously Chief Product Owner at Perfecto Mobile, Founder and CEO at TenKod and Area Product Owner of Software Engineering at SAP.

Gregory Schmidt - SauceCon Speaker

Gregory Schmidt

Quality Engineer Capital One Bank, N.A.

From Manual To CI/CD: The Journey Of A Boy And His Tools

Talk Description In this talk, Gregory will discuss the rapid changes that have occurred at Capital One over the last five years and the direction they are headed. Along the way, he will review the pitfalls and resolutions to the changes. The story starts with ALM, manual test cases, and Virtual Machines, and it continues with node-based Selenium fits and starts. Gregory will spend most of his time with where they are (ATDD and automated scripts) and where they are going (CI/CD with automated testing in Production). He will also cover the tools they use and where they fit in the process. The long and short of it is this: you don’t have to be doing manual release validation at 3AM. Bio Gregory left IT after Y2K. He spent the next 15 years finding ways to occupy his insatiable need to solve problems and to help people. He also found a love of the stage and limelight. He was a college cheerleader, a high school and all-star cheer coach, a process server, stand-up comic, auto technician, auto parts counterman, high-school teacher, and high school teacher of history. As fatherhood loomed, he realized he needed to be a little more stable, so he leveraged his love of efficiency and problem solving into a QA role at Capital One. In the five years since, he has evolved from the person that accepts the decisions and processes into one of the people that helps to shape them. All that said, his greatest joys are his daughters, wife, and dogs.

Craig Schwarzwald - SauceCon Speaker

Craig Schwarzwald

Automation Engineer/Developer Vanguard

Say Goodbye To The “F” Word ... Flaky No More!

Talk Description Utilizing a Base Page Object in a Selenium framework has a number of huge benefits. It makes PageObjects more readable and standardized. It insulates teams from changes to the Selenium API. It also offers a single place for the entire organization to perform error handling, including a great place for debug/log statements or helper code that the entire organization can automatically leverage. A good example is forcing Selenium practitioners to always use explicit waits, by specifying such methods within the BasePage. The end result of using a Base PageObject and explicit waits are tests that pass in a stable manner, tests (and PageObjects) that are very easy to maintain, and that anyone within the organization can easily read and understand. Bio For the last 10 years Craig has worked for Vanguard, a large financial company, where his primary focus has always been centered on Test Automation. Starting with some of the older industry standard tools like QTP, Craig quickly found Selenium and recognized its much larger benefits. He helped with the Selenium evaluation and bringing it into his company. Over the past 6+ years Craig has been designing and maintaining a company-wide Selenium framework that is being used by hundreds of testers/developers. He is known throughout his company as the Selenium expert, and holds office hours twice a week to help his organization solve the most pressing Selenium issues teams are facing. Craig is extremely passionate about Selenium and all it can bring to the world of automation. Recently Craig has begun teaching a selenium class for beginners in order to advance their learning and skill set.

Anurag Sharma - SauceCon Speaker

Anurag Sharma

Director of Engineering & DevOps Honeywell

Are Manual Testers Needed In Organizations Practicing Modern DevOps?

Talk Description When Anurag joined Honeywell in 2014, it was an industrial company on a mission to transform itself into a Digital industrial company. Development was done in a traditional waterfall method, testing was only done manually, resulting in very few software releases with below average quality. He is helping transform the organization by driving (scaled) agile development, test automation and effective DevOps. The big question faced by the company now is how to best leverage the army of manual test resources in this automated DevOps world. In this talk, he will explain how he helped answer that question. Bio Anurag Sharma is the Director of Quality and DevOps in Software Solutions GBE at Honeywell International, Inc. for last 2.5 years. In this role, he is responsible for the Quality and Delivery of applications in Connected Homes, Connected Buildings, Security & Fire, LifeCare and Tridium SBGs. He started his career 17 years ago as a software developer at MathWorks, and eventually moved to various Quality Engineering and leadership roles.

Shivani Sharma - SauceCon Speaker

Shivani Sharma

Senior Engineering Manager Slack

Releasing Code With Confidence

Talk Description This talk will focus on how Slack thinks about test automation. Shivani will explain the efforts they took to build out their test automation infrastructure to increase developer code confidence in the software development process by putting a fast, reliable, maintainable, and thorough test automation suite in place. Bio Shivani is a Senior Engineering Manager at Slack. In her first year she focused on test automation for iOS/Android/Web applications. Previously, in her 10 years working in Silicon Valley, she has worked at Google, BigFix and IBM. She is a UCLA graduate in Electrical Engineering and in her free time enjoys running, yoga and gardening.

Jeremy Stone - SauceCon Speaker


Chief Technology Officer Code.org

Moving Fast And Changing The World

Talk Description Code.org's mission is to bring computer science to all schools for all kids, with a focus on increasing participation of women and underrepresented minorities. In this talk, Jeremy will explore how Code.org uses continuous integration and Sauce Labs to innovate rapidly with a small engineering team. Code.org pushes boundaries including running a large test suite on every commit on every branch for every developer. As many schools tend to be running older browsers, automated testing on a large browser matrix is important. Jeremy will tell the story of how sophisticated automated testing is critical to moving quickly and delivering on Code.org's world-changing mission. Bio Jeremy Stone leads the engineering team at Code.org. His team is responsible for Code.org's software products including Code Studio and Hour of Code, which help bring computer science education to all schools for all kids. Code.org's software platform is used by millions of users in the U.S. and around the world. He was previously VP Engineering at Clean Power Research where he built enterprise software products for the renewable energy industry. Prior to that, he worked at Valve building games and the Steam online service. He began his career at Microsoft where he was a founding member of the Internet Explorer team. Jeremy is also active in the cleantech entrepreneurial community and is an early-stage startup advisor.

Greg Sypolt - SauceCon Speaker

Greg Sypolt

Senior Engineer (Automation Architect) Gannett | USA Today Network


Using Design Patterns To Improve Automated Testing

Talk Description In software engineering, a design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design. A design pattern is not a finished design that can be transformed directly into code. It is a description or template for how to solve a problem that can be used in many different situations. Why are design patterns so necessary for Selenium development? They can speed up the development and reduce the maintenance impact. Using design patterns in test automation development is not required, but a seasoned automation engineer understands the importance. Greg will discuss the best way to write automated tests, which will be particularly helpful for anyone new to test automation. A final point before diving into some basic design patterns: the elite companies dedicate an experienced automation expert (architect) to think about infrastructure first and oversee all type of automation development. Design Pattern Takeaways

  • Organization of Tests (The Structure)
  • Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY)
  • Page Object Model (POM)
  • Locator Strategy
  • Design for Scalability

To get the most out of test automation projects, good processes and design patterns should be in place. Bio Greg Sypolt is Senior Engineer at Gannett | USA Today Network, responsible for test automation solutions, test coverage (from Unit to End-to-End), and continuous integration across all Gannett | USA Today Network products. The last two years, Greg has helped change the testing approach from manual to automated testing across several products at Gannett | USA Today Network. To determine improvements and testing gaps, he conducts a face to face interview survey process to understand all the product development and deployment processes, testing strategies, and tooling. At Gannett | USA Today Network, Greg uses testing framework and tools including Cucumber, NightwatchJS, Behave, Jasmine, Protractor, Polymer, Junit, Espresso, EarlGrey, Ruby Rspec, Appium, and Minitest. He is passionate about code, software quality, test automation, continuous integration, DevOps, kayaking, sports, and DIY projects.

Stephen Williams - SauceCon Speaker

Stephen Williams

UK Test Automation Practice Lead Accenture

Continuous Delivery of Silver Bullets

Talk Description Traditional established enterprises are facing disruption from digital-centric peers, who are competing and gaining traction in their industries through rapid innovations in software defined services. There is immense pressure to reduce the time to bring to market ever-evolving products and services to retain relevance, whilst also maintaining a high quality end product for the customer. New IT delivery methods of DevOps and Agile are making their way into the Enterprise at pace, necessitating a transformation of test methodology, tooling and skills. Test automation is a critical aspect of this journey. In this talk, Stephen will present his perspective on the evolving role test automation is playing and how test organizations are transforming their people, processes and tools to stay relevant. Bio Stephen Williams is the test automation practice lead within Accenture Technology UK. He has over a decade of experience with designing, delivering and leading test automation implementations for clients across various industries, from automating embedded systems, to mainframes, Siebel to IPTV and the usual suspects of online and mobile, Stephen has had the opportunity to work with an immense variety of tools and platforms and has gained a wealth of experience, cuts and bruises, successes and war stories along the way.


Workshops - June 6th

8:30AM – 12:00PM

Selenium 101

Sauce Labs Education Team

Selenium 101 introduces you to the Selenium automation API for testing web applications on desktop browsers.

Appium 101

Sauce Labs Education Team

Appium 101 introduces you to the Appium automation API for testing web applications on desktop and mobile browsers, and for testing native and hybrid applications on mobile emulators, simulators, and real devices.

Sauce Labs Enterprise

Sauce Labs Education Team

Sauce Labs Enterprise leverages the power of key Sauce Labs features to ensure your Selenium and Appium test cycles remain uninterrupted and secure within a private corporate network.

12:00PM – 1:30PM – LUNCH
1:30PM – 5:00PM

Selenium 201

Sauce Labs Education Team

Selenium 201 builds on the Selenium automation concepts introduced in 101

Appium 201

Sauce Labs Education Team

Appium 201, a direct continuation of Appium 101, takes you one step further toward mastering mobile application test automation

Conf. Day 01 - June 7th

9:00AM – 9:15AM

Opening Remarks

Charles Ramsey – CEO, Sauce Labs

9:15AM – 10:00AM

Keynote 1

What’s Next for Selenium?

Jim Evans – Lead Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce

10:05AM – 10:50AM

Keynote #2

The Philosophy and Future of Automation

Jonathan Lipps – Director of Open Source, Sauce Labs

10:50AM – 11:35AM – MORNING BREAK
11:40AM – 12:15PM

Moving Fast And Changing The World

Jeremy Stone – Chief Technology Officer, Code.org

Keeping Your Tests Lean

Meaghan Lewis – QA Engineer, Lever

12:20PM – 12:55PM

Testing @ The Speed Of Concurrency

Mike Millgate – Automation Architect, Optum

Advanced Test Automation Techniques For Responsive Apps And Sites

Adam Carmi – CTO, Applitools

1:00PM – 1:55PM – LUNCH BREAK
2:00PM – 2:35PM

From Manual To CI/CD: The Journey Of A Boy And His Tools

Gregory Schmidt – Quality Engineer, Capital One Bank, N.A.

Continuous Parallel Testing

Titus Fortner – Solutions Architect, Sauce Labs

2:40PM – 3:15PM

Mobile Test Pyramid Of Integration Testing

Kwo Ding – QA/Test Automation Strategist, Ding IT

Using Design Patterns To Improve Automated Testing

Greg Sypolt – Senior Engineer (Automation Architect), Gannett | USA Today Network

4:00PM – 4:35PM

Monkey Business To Isolation Testing

Dana Kadhim – Sr. Quality Manager, Hyatt Corp

Building Your CD Pipeline With Testing In Mind

Neil Manvar – Solutions Architect, Sauce Labs

4:40PM – 5:15PM

The Build That Cried Broken: Building Trust In Your Continuous Integration Tests

Angie Jones – Senior Automation Engineer, Twitter

Say Goodbye To The “F” Word … Flaky No More!

Craig Schwarzwald – Automation Engineer/Developer, Vanguard

6:00PM – RECEPTION – Coin-Op, 508 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Conf. Day 02 - June 8th

9:00AM – 9:15AM
9:00AM – 9:15AM

Welcome to Day 2

Charles Ramsey – CEO, Sauce Labs

9:15AM – 10:00AM

Keynote 3

Cognitive Bias and Its Impact on Continuous Improvement

Jason Hand – DevOps Evangelist, VictorOps

10:00AM – 10:45AM – MORNING BREAK
10:50AM – 11:25AM

Releasing Code With Confidence

Shivani Sharma – Senior Engineering Manager, Slack

The Sauce Labs RESTful API, Fulfilling All Your Rest Reporting Dreams

Leo Laskin – Automation Specialist, Sauce Labs

11:30AM – 12:05PM

Verifying Your Weather With Sauce Labs

Todd Eaton – QA Manager, Consumer Web, The Weather Company

Sauce Connect On Steroids: How To build A High-performance Tunnel Cluster (And Keep InfoSec Happy!)

David Cadwallader – Site Reliability Architect, DNAnexus

12:10PM – 1:05PM – LUNCH
1:10PM – 1:45PM

test.allTheThings() – Mobile Edition

Asaf Saar – Director of Product Management, Sauce Labs

Continuous Delivery Of Silver Bullets

Stephen Williams – UK Test Automation Practice Lead, Accenture

1:50PM – 2:25PM

Switching An Enterprise To A Managed Cloud Selenium Grid. Yes, It Was Worth It.

Bryan Osterkamp – Lead Technical Architect, USAA

Improving CD Confidence

St. John Johnson – Lead Contributor, Developer Platforms & Services, Yahoo!

2:30PM – 3:05PM

Are Manual Testers Needed In Organizations Practicing Modern DevOps?

Anurag Sharma – Director of Engineering & DevOps, Honeywell

Making Your Mobile Apps Automatable

Dan Cuellar – Principal Development Manager, FOODit

4:00PM – 4:45PM

Keynote 4

The Future of Enterprise Automated Testing

Lubos Parobek – VP Product, Sauce Labs

4:45PM – 4:55PM


JW Marriott San Francisco | 515 Mason Street, SF CA 94102

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